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ADAMA - ArableAware Podcast - Audere Communications

ADAMA – ArableAware Podcast

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Adama is a leading global manufacturer and distributor worldwide of crop-protection solutions.

With podcasts growing in popularity as a means of divulging targeted information to specific audiences, and recognising farmers spend a lot of time alone in their farm vehicles, Adama wanted to provide UK arable farmers and agronomists with the latest crop protection news and advice, thought-provoking content and deliver seasonal messages in a timely manner, that they could listen to at their convenience.

Our aim was to therefore produce a podcast series to continue the dialogue and engagement with that farming audience, whilst building a community who could contribute to the podcast themselves.

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This campaign won Gold for Best Use of Audio at the 2019 Communicate Corporate Content Awards

What does ADAMA think of Audere?

“Thank you, Russ, for evolving ArableAware into an award-winning podcast! Your expertise has been invaluable in our podcasting journey. A pleasure to work alongside, easy to communicate with and you always produce engaging content that our audience enjoys listening to.”

– Abbie Bieny, Digital Specialist, ADAMA Agricultural Solutions Ltd

What has Audere achieved for ADAMA UK?

  • Ongoing podcast consultancy and on-location production of the ArableAware series


Initial planning started in August 2017, brainstorming the type of show we wanted to produce.

We certainly didn’t want to recreate Farming Today or Country File.  However, we listened to the few podcasts that were already available for the farming community and felt there was room for a new magazine style show.  Our point of difference would be to record the main part of each show on a farm as we felt that this would create atmosphere and spark relevant conversation as we walked the crop fields with the farmers, inspecting their crops with Adama’s in-house experts.

Each show is planned with Adama’s in-house Herbicides and Fungicides specialists and then Audere produces a running order that allows for pre-recorded online interviews from growers around the UK to give seasonal updates, plus a pre-recorded guest feature interview on a key industry topic.

The shows are then recorded on farms around the UK – in Series 1, we visited Northamptonshire, Oxfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Norfolk.

Each episode is hosted by Audere’s Russell Goldsmith, who is supported by an audio engineer at each location to record the content using radio mics to allow us to walk and talk, and then the content is edited that evening with the pre-recorded interviews and then shared across Adama’s owned and social channels.

The biggest challenge faced to date was whether or not to record our first show, as the day we scheduled to record it in March 2018 coincided with the arrival of the ‘Beast from the East’ snow storm!  However, our regular challenge is in the timing of the pre-recorded segments, given our content is so weather dependent.

Strategy and implementation

We have now completed Season 1 of the podcast, having recorded four shows – Spring, Summer, Harvest and Winter.

ArableAware Season 1

Episode 1 – A Snowy Start

Recorded at Strawsons Farm, Nottinghamshire, with in-house agronomist Ian Holmes (right), featuring updates from growers in the South West and South East, plus an interview with Will Evans (not pictured), a farmer from South Wales who launched the Rock and Roll Farming podcast.

Episode 2 – Spring Visit to Mill Farm

Recorded on Mill Farm, Cambridgeshire with Farm Manager, Tom Paybody (second from left).  Grower updates came from South Pickenham and Ludlow and our feature was with The Rural Youth Project‘s Sarah Allison (not pictured).

Episode 3 – The hottest summer for years

Our Harvest episode was recorded on Home Farm, Norfolk with Richard Cobbald, their Estate Manager (second from left).  Our Grower updates were from Shropshire and Lincolnshire plus we had two features with Tom Martin (not pictured) of ‘Face-time a Farmer’, sharing how he is educating kids in schools about farming, and Andrew Ward (not pictured) on Forage Aid, a charity set up in 2015 in the wake of severe weather events to help those farmers in the affected communities, relieving suffering of farm animals by providing feed, bedding and/or transportation.

Episode 4 – 2018 Season Finale

In our final episode of Season 1, we headed to Oxfordshire to visit Sherwood Farm. Farm Manager, Mark Oldroyd (middle) and Assistant Farm Manager, Jack Bedlow (right) along with dog Ruby, took time to chat with us. Andy Roberts from South Staffordshire gave us our grower update, and our feature interview came from Alex Montgomery of Microsoft who talked to us about how AI and The Internet of Things is helping to capture data from the fields to optimise use of land and improve product yield.

ArableAware Season 2

Episode 1 – ADAMA meet Robot Tom

In our first show of Season 2, we visited Whitewool Farm in Hampshire where we chatted with Will Butler the Farm Director.  We were joined by Tom, a prototype robot developed by the Small Robot Company, together with Small Robots’ Founder, Sam Watson, and Roboticist, Robin Jackson.  Our grower updates came from Lincolnshire and Northamptonshire.


Episode 2 – Spring is in the air (along with an impressive fighter plane!)

Our Spring 2019 episode came from Abbots Ripton in Cambridgeshire with Crop Production Manager Paul Drinkwater.  Our grower update was from Steve Cook, an agronomist at Hampshire Arable Systems based in the south of the UK and our feature interview was with Rob Harris, the Communications Manager at the Royal Agricultural Benevolent Institution (RABI) discussing their great charity.

Technical information

The show is hosted on Libsyn and is distributed via RSS to podcast platforms such as iTunes and Spotify.

Show notes for each episode are uploaded to the Adama web hub, with links to all the information discussed, and then shared across social media.

Adama Hub


Whilst results remain confidential, remembering that this podcast series is aimed a very niche group of listeners, we can confirm that we are already reaching a huge percentage of our target audience.

Feedback from farmers and agronomists includes:

“I thought this first podcast was well put together and presented clearly and gave the listener useful information. Thanks.”

“Just listened sounds good and covered a useful range of topics”

We are now receiving requests from UK farmers asking us to record on their farms, which is a fantastic way for Adama to engage with end customers, creating content with them, for the farming community.