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Globalization and Localization Association - Audere Communications

Globalization and Localization Association

GALAThe Globalization and Localization Association (GALA) is a global, non-profit trade association for the translation and localization industry. As a membership organization, it supports its member companies and the corporate language sector by creating communities, championing standards, sharing knowledge, and advancing technology.

What does GALA think of Audere?

Russ engaged the podcast participants beautifully. He was able to tap into the collective enthusiasm that was present at our conference while still giving the individuals behind the microphone a chance to shine and share their knowledge and expertise as industry ‘ambassadors’. We’re delighted with the outcome and optimistic about the podcast medium as a way to engage our members.

Allison Ferch, Programmes Director, GALA

 What has Audere achieved for GALA?

  • Production of four member exclusive podcasts

Audere formed a close working relationship with GALA through our work with Language Service Provider, Conversis, having attended the organisation’s annual conference in Seville 2015 and then New York 2016. Russell Goldsmith had also previously been invited to host GALA’s Localisation Stream at the tekom conference in Stuttgart 2015.

In 2017, GALA’s annual conference moved to Amsterdam and we were tasked with creating engaging content that would be made exclusively available to GALA members via the organisation’s website.

The aims of the project were to:

    • continue the dialogue and engagement post event with both conference attendees and those members who couldn’t attend
    • provide extra value to speakers from the conference, helping to extend the reach of their story
    • be used as additional promotional content for future events

We produced four shows in total, between 30-40mins each, with a total of twelve guests.

Key in producing quality content is the pre-production planning. We arranged Skype calls in advance with each of the twelve guests who were based far and wide, from the US to Ireland, Denmark to Brussels, and on to Singapore (to name just a few countries of origin of GALA’s 470 delegates). These calls helped prepare a running order and suggested questions for each of the shows. The podcasts were also promoted in advance of the event on Twitter using the conference hashtag, within the GALA LinkedIn and Facebook groups, and crucially in the dedicated conference app, so that we could generate some interest and get questions from the attendees to use in the discussions.

The four shows were on the topics:

  • Small to Mid-Size LSP Leadership and Strategy
  • CSA Top 100 (Large) LSP Leadership and Strategy
  • End Client Leadership and Strategy
  • Language Industry Trends

As the shows are exclusive to GALA members, we are unable to share them with you here. However, below is a little taster of how they sounded!

GALA Podcast Guests

Alongside Russell, who hosted each of the podcasts, the guests included:

(Top Left: Industry Trends) Kristin Quinlan of Certified Languages International, John Tinsley of Iconic Translation Machines Ltd., Burckhardt Rueffer of BeatBabel

(Top Right: Small to Mid-Size LSPs Leadership & Strategy) Gábor Bessenyei of MorphoLogic Localisation Ltd, Gary Muddyman of Conversis and Simon Andriesen of MediLingua Medical Translations

(Bottom Left: CSA Top 100 Large LSPs Leadership & Strategy) Nicholas Goh of Verztec Consulting Pte Ltd, Veronique Ozkaya of Xplanation and Britta Aagaard of TextMinded®

(Bottom Right: End Client Leadership & Strategy) Jonathan Bowring of Riversight, Pedro Gomez of Microsoft and Patrick Nunes of Rotary International

Guest Feedback

“Great job leading the podcasts! You certainly made things easy for us participants.” – Kristin Quinlan

“I enjoyed the session and found it very meaningful.” – Nicholas Goh

“It was a pleasure to do this podcast and I think it will get quite a few listeners once it is online, we’ll share the good word!” – Veronique Ozkaya

“It was great to meet and work with you and the others, Russell! Looking forward to future opportunities. Thank you!” – Patrick Nunes