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How To Tell Your Brand’s Story - Audere Communications

How To Tell Your Brand’s Story

Book this workshop for your team as either a 1.5hr introductory session or half day

Time: Half Day or Full Day (recommended to run in conjunction with our other content related workshops)

How to discover, cultivate and maximize the potential of your compelling narrative
Presenters: Russell Goldsmith and Andy Green

Is yours a great Brand story or a bland story?

You have a compelling, distinctive and authentic story to tell but are you really sweating its
potential? Could you do even better in telling the story about your business, products or campaigns?

People prefer Brands with a story. The better you can tell your story the more effective the power of your communications to engage, inspire and stand out from others.

Yet, say ‘storytelling’ to most people and the image of bedtime tales and listening to creative fiction comes to mind.

We are now working in an age where there has been an explosion of content communications activity, whether it is a Tweet, blogpost, news release or Thought Leadership book.

You need to identify, and capture your core character and identity, where at the heart of their communications is a compelling Brand Story.

Rather than being something nice and twee, storytelling, or effective Brand storytelling, will
increasingly be the difference between success and failure in communications – both at a strategic and tactical level.

Come along to Brand Story transformation to change your world.

How attendees will benefit

You may be a great news storyteller but you need to be a smarter story-teller and story-listener.

The session provides you with both an overview of the key issues you need to know about Brand Story and Storytelling in PR and comms but also provides a step-by-step guide on how you can transform your own Brand Story.

There are going to be two types of brands who win in the 21st century.

Those who sell the cheapest. Or those with best Brand Stories, who engage emotionally with a compelling Brand Story.

You will learn the skills to transform your storytelling to make sure you’re on the winning side.

Who should attend

This course is aimed at social media managers, writers, editors or those commissioning content who really want to up their game and deliver more impact, power and resonance in their work.

What attendees will learn

  • We share 7 key lessons to transform your Brand Story and multi-channel content.
  • How to spot an under-performing Brand Story
  • Know the key tools in storytelling – the 5 major plots and the 12 characters that provide your story personas
  • The significance of narrative and how it works
  • How to spot the narrative in any communications and how you should be using it
  • How to change behaviours by changing the underlying narrative
  • How to ‘story-listen’

Andy Green

Andy Green is a leading UK and international expert in brand storytelling and creativity.
He is the author of 7 books which have been translated into 8 languages, and works with blue chip clients around the globe.

Andy runs his own Brand Story consultancy, Story Stars Here. He is a university lecturer, director with 4 PR agencies across the UK, and founder of a social enterprise tackling the crisis in declining Social Capital in our communities.

Andy has delivered successful training programmes and consultancy projects for British Airways, BMW, Microsoft, blue chip PLC’s, charities, PR consultancies, and across all sectors.