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Using Video in Social Media - Audere Communications

Using Video in Social Media

Book this workshop for your team as either a half day or join a 2hr online session being run with our video production workshop

Using Video in Social Media
Time: Half Day (can be run as a 2hr introductory session)

This session explores the opportunities available to you to use video to engage your audiences, be that owned, earned or paid for, showing how it can be integrated as a key tactic for a specific activity, or to form a strategic part of your longer term communications plan.

From creating micro-content for Instagram to streaming live events through Facebook Live.

We will also show how to use video to:

  • amplify your message and improve reach through targeted coverage
  • how to work with Influencers
  • generate buzz
  • increase your ROI

We also cover different forms of short form content, including How To Guides, News and Feature videos, Issues based stories, Drone footage and Audiograms for promoting podcasts as well as looking at video used for Internal Communications and Corporate events, plus we finish with some production tips and what’s involved in subtitling and voice-overs as well.

Including latest research figures, the importance of using native video players, plus attention spans and viewing habits, this workshop will help communications professionals begin to build a strategy for their next campaign.

With enough notice, we can tailor this session to suit your industry and clients with relevant case studies and latest research figures that will help to begin to build a strategy for your next campaign.

Please use the contact form to discuss the fees and to book this workshop at your offices for your wider team.


“As a former TV journalist I’ve always been passionate about the power of video, but having moved across to PR it’s been fascinating to understand how versatile this platform can be. Russell’s webinar was packed with real-life examples and killer stats that help demonstrate the power of video. The whole lesson was engaging, informative and well-paced. I would thoroughly recommend to all PR professionals.”
Ali Gibson, Account Manager & Video content specialist, 8020 communications

“At CFA UK we are keen to empower our in-house staff to produce video and podcast content to support our membership engagement strategies and bring to life our members’ voices. Russell and Pete from Audere Communications adopted an energetic approach to this project and really understood our business needs. They created, planned and delivered a comprehensive training programme with a carefully balanced a combination of theory and practical skills expertly crammed into one day! The team really enjoyed the session – and I am delighted that they have already started to implement their new-found skills and knowledge.”
Fiona Edwards, Head Marketing & Communications,CFA UK

“Expect info-packed presentations from Russell which trigger ideas and energy. He is as generous with sharing content and knowledge as he is modest about his achievements. Take that as meaning an expert whose work and ideas jump off the page.”
Jennie Wilde, Managing Director, Carver Wilde Communications

“One of the best webinars I’ve attended with the PRCA, thanks.”
Ananda Shakespeare, PR Professional, Dubai

“An extremely rich and informative presentation with a good blend of case studies. Delivered with enthusiasm and insight. Great that Russell attempted to attend promptly to questions asked throughout. 90 minutes well spent. Thank you.”
Jon Cope, Founder – Curium Communications and Senior Lecturer – University of Westminster

“Do you really know how many people that YouTube video you shared on Facebook is reaching? It’s probably not as many as you think but there’s a way you can fix that…

This morning I took part in an online training course delivered by Russell Goldsmith looking at how to make the most effective use of video on social media platforms for PR. Some great case studies and useful insights into audience behaviour. Certainly worth considering.”
Chris Humphreys, Communications Officer – London Borough of Tower Hamlets

“I found this a really informative session about the value of using video content to build your brand. Russ effectively brought to life a lot of factual information with the use of relevant case studies and real video clips for us to watch. He has a relaxed presentation style which is easy to engage with and would work with all levels of audience. Would highly recommend.”
Kate Mulcahy, Director – change unlimited

“Some workshops are big on theory. Others excel at providing insight. Few manage to combine the rigor of theory and personal insight with practical application via up-to-date case studies.

Russell succeeded in cramming bucket loads of all three into this whistle-stop tour of using video in social media. We all know that both video and influencer marketing is not the next big thing but the now big thing. Russell’s thoughtful, detailed and well-referenced workshop gave practical advice on how to do these things better”
Scott Guthrie, Digital Management Consultant –

“Russell’s webinar on the use of video in social media was very informative and extremely relevant to both the way PR is used today and personally for me, someone who is studying a Digital PR unit in a PR and Communications degree. This webinar was packed with supportive facts and was highly engaging, using various videos and case studies. I came away from the webinar understanding why video has become more important within PR and how to take advantage of it, in an effective way. Thank you.”
Jessica Higham, Public Relations and Communication Student –  Southampton Solent University

“Thanks Russell for a really informative webinar, packed full of relevant case studies. It really opened my eyes as to some of the new tools and content formats that we could experiment with.”
David Osei, Communications Manager – Chevening

“Russell was highly engaging, he broke everything down very clearly and had pulled together some great examples that highlighted the effectiveness of video content and what it can do for us in PR. Thanks so much for coming in to give us your time!”
Amanda O’Shaughnessy, Global Senior Account Executive – Talk PR

“I found the webinar on video in social media to be incredibly insightful and allowed me to go back to my clients with real quantitative research as to the benefits of video to their brands. Russell’s knowledge of the industry was inspiring, and the examples he gave have encouraged me to approach video production in a more strategic way to maximise results.”
Sara Davis – Ceres PR

“Russell delivered a well organised and engaging webinar. It was packed with information, hints and tips and although it lasted 90 minutes it felt like no time at all! I particularly enjoyed the illustrated case studies, and appreciated that Russell recognised that many of the attendees worked in the public sector and tailored the presentation accordingly.”
Rachel Howe, Communications/Information Officer – City of Edinburgh Council

“The webinar was great, picked up some great top tips so thank you!”
– Kelly Tyler, Press Officer – University of Derby

“As a videographer and PR practitioner, it’s important for me to understand how communication is changing, and the best way to engage with an audience. I found the webinar very useful, giving plenty of information that will be invaluable when speaking to clients, existing and new. The real-world examples were also appreciated.
– Ben Hewes, PR Consultant – Freshfield

“Content is a crucial part of our offering which we use for a huge variety of channels from SEO, paid digital, social and  PR, so it was great to get a wider view of what other brands are doing and the tech developments. Russell brought great knowledge and insights which we were able to act upon and build into our strategies straight away. His presentation was really clearly laid out and the case studies helped bring it all to life.”
– Maddalena Como, Associate Director – Threepipe

“I really enjoyed the webinar hosted by Russell Goldsmith. There was some great insights and excellent case studies throughout.”
Charlotte Jones, Digital Manager – Talent, Beauty Seen

“As part of a forward thinking comms team, we have been progressively moving more and more to a social media and digital content focus. The ‘Using Video in Social Media for PR’ course was insightful, well researched and informative. As someone at the beginning of my comms and PR career, I have been undertaking a large number of online training courses, many of which include lazily thrown together social media statistics that are easy for anyone to google. The content on Russell’s course was genuinely interesting, with relevant and varied case studies and practical production tips. It was also current, covering recent developments such as the live streaming apps Periscope and Meerkat. Even as someone who is (on the older side of being) a millennial and inherently knows social media well, and has recently gained quite a lot of experience with video production, I found the course not only held my interest but provided both pragmatic advice and some great food for thought for generating ideas.”
Kyle Reid, Communications Assistant, Aberdeenshire Council

“Russell delivered a well thought out and thorough piece on the importance of using video in social media.  As a graphic designer working in-house for a PR agency it was great to see a presentation that not only set the scene, showing the changing landscape of communication(youtube/vloggers etc) but really brought to life the main topics of the day and really showed the value in having great images to support the key messages of a story. The presentation covered many aspects including micro content and short form content and provided case studies showcasing Russell’s expertise in the field. The presentation included a great list of production tips with clear outcomes that gave me the confidence to go to my MD and request the necessary budget required to create and shoot our own videos.”
Matt Coles, Flagship Consulting

“The KOR team watched Russell’s PRCA workshop on ‘Using video in Social Media’ – We’re pretty good at placing visual stories to journalist’s in traditional broadcast news but we like to keep up to speed with all the opportunities on line. Russell is an engaging coach with plenty of experience to draw upon and has lots of case studies to illustrate his presentation for both the large and small client. We put one of his tips into action straight away but I’m not going to tell which one, you’ll just have to sign up to his next seminar!”
Guy Newman, KOR Communications Ltd

“I took part in the webinar on using video in social media – a part of the online mix that we want to make more use of.  Russell gave a very good insight into the benefits, the best tools to use, technical tips and more illustrated by case studies to make it real.  We will definitely be exploring how we can integrate video more into our online presence to promote Fife
– Gillian Mccracken, Ecomomic Adviser – Place Promotion, Fife Council

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