COP26 – Who knows you’re involved?

The current pandemic has brought our relationship with the environment into stark relief. As we enter a post-Covid world, there are urgent and far-reaching decisions to be taken and none bigger than our approach to tackling Climate Change.

The UK will host the 26th UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26) in Glasgow on 1 – 12 November 2021.   The summit will bring parties together to hasten action towards the goals of the Paris Agreement and the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change.

Organisations are getting involved by exhibiting, performing or hosting an event within the two-week programme, to highlight their own initiatives and thoughts on this critical issue.  This generation-defining conference will be watched all over the world, creating an opportunity for brands to showcase their ESG credentials. 

However, the challenge will be getting your messages heard in such a crowded environment in the lead up to and during COP26.

So how can we help?

Audere Communications is an audio and video content marketing agency providing end-to-end strategy and implementation.  Clients have partnered with our award-winning csuite podcast to discuss sustainability trends and issues and episodes have featured senior execs from brands including SAP, Coca-Cola, Arrival and Pentland Brands.

Our recent podcast, ‘How Digital Acceleration is Helping to Drive Sustainable Fashion and Beauty‘ with SAP, focused on the role digitisation is playing in creating a more sustainable world. Guests included Joanna Jenson, Founder and Chair of baby and child skin care brand, Child’s Farm and Anne-Christine Polet, SVP Digital Ventures HATCH and STITCH, at PVH Europe, two start-ups that have the aim of digitised the value chain.

We also found that a high degree of digital maturity is necessary for a business to thrive in a more sustainable world when discussing Circklo’s Sustainability Index. Our guest was Natasha Franck, founder of Eon, a connected products platform with a mission to power the future of commerce, essentially by identifying and tracking each and every product from the moment it’s produced, so as to enable circular business models across industry and to create a true circular economy.

We’ve also examined how data is central to increase sustainability within organisations.  Julian Hunt, Vice President for Public Affairs, Communications and Sustainability at Coca-Cola declared in our ‘Sustainable Business’ episode with SAP that data is at the heart of everything Coca-Cola does, especially in the context of sustainability.  In the same podcast, Mike Barry, former Director of Sustainable Business at M&S, also acknowledged that data brings transparency to an organisation and can help inform consumers and then Natasha Pergl, SAP UK’s Sustainability Business Innovation Lead, shared her experience of taking part in eXXpedition, a series of 30 voyages which will see 300 women in total sail around the world looking at the plastic and toxics in our ocean.

In addition to brands partnering with our csuite podcast, in the last 12 months, Audere also been producing Octopus Energy’s own ‘Inside Octopus’ podcast series, giving listeners real insight into the company’s DNA – the way they work, the way they think, their values, and their people, exploring everything that is driving them to deliver Cheaper Greener Energy.

We can put you in front of the people you want to engage with.  

Partnering with our csuite podcast or producing your own podcast series in the lead up to and/or at COP26 is a great way to not only create thought-provoking content, reach your target audience and facilitate the important conversations of the day, but to also allow you to hand-pick key business leaders to sit on panel discussions with your brand spokesperson. It’s a warm way to start what could be a long and lasting relationship.

Podcasts are accessible, can cut through and reach people in very personal spaces and are becoming an increasingly popular medium by which to influence and inspire others.

COP26 could be the ideal platform on which to set out your position on sustainability and get it noticed. 

To get involved in this unique opportunity, take ownership of a specific topic area, and create great podcast content, please do get in touch – we dare you.

2020 Podcast Highlights

Here are a few clips from just some of the podcasts we’ve produced in 2020.

We would like to say a massive thank you to our wonderful clients who have trusted us to help tell their stories during such a difficult year, either in partnership with our csuite podcast, or for their own branded podcasts.

Let us know if we can help you with your podcast strategy in 2021 by dropping us a line via the contact form.

Audere win ‘Leaders in Audio and Video Content Marketing, 2021’ Award

We are proud to announce that we’ve been recognised as ‘Leaders in Audio and Video Content Marketing, 2021’ by The Business Elite Awards 2021 which are handpicked by SME News!

SME Business Awards

SME News Magazine look to celebrate enterprises who consistently provide the best services & products for their clients. They nominate businesses through internal research, they then analyse each recipient, shortlist and select.

The businesses and individuals are selected based on their innovations, achievements and advancements from the past 12 months.

The Importance of Social Business

Incredibly, it’s six years this week since we produced Show 4 of the csuite podcast which was on the topic of Social Business, so we decided to get our own Sophie Atherton to investigate what’s changed in that time . . .

In episode four of the csuite podacst, a Social Business was defined as ‘an organisation whose culture and systems encourage networks and people to drive business value’.

Running a Social Business does not just mean handing all social media responsibilities to the Marketing department to deal with and leaving it there.  Used properly, social media can have a positive effect on the public profile of an organisation and could be utilised by all departments to promote the business.  Additionally, it could provide transparency for stakeholders, and it can be a useful tool to highlight the values of the business.  It should be deeply embedded into the culture of the organisation as a highly cost-effective way to engage with consumers and vice versa. 

Studies have shown that 90% of people use social media to communicate directly with brands.  Modern society has placed much emphasis on popular opinion, and many people consult social media profiles to inform their choices.  Social media is a vastly accessible way to leave reviews, to complain about products or services, or simply to gain the attention of an organisation and its followers.  Businesses can exploit this hugely useful – and free – tool to gain instant feedback, and for the opportunity to take quick action as and when necessary.  It could be used to gauge popular opinion on new initiatives before they hit the market and help with decision-making.  Other studies have shown that 74% of consumers use social media to make a buying decision. The use of social media and a large social media presence is therefore vital to business, and should be incorporated into all aspects of the organisation to allow cohesion between its online and offline profile. 

Some aspects of a social business have changed since we recorded this episode of the csuite podcast, back in 2014. One example is the new social media platform TikTok, which in that time, has gained over 800million users worldwide and is now the most downloaded app on the Apple Appstore. It is hard to imagine that less than 6 years ago it was unheard of! How will Social Media look in another 6 years?  And can business continue to keep up?  It is important for business to constantly evolve and ensure they are up with the latest trends and using the most contemporary of platforms.

Social media campaigns can positively impact communities and brands.  The 2020 ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement is an example of an effective social campaign that increased awareness of an important contemporary issue, and highlights the power of social media. #BlackLivesMatter was used 48 million times in 10 days across various online platforms, and there have been 12 billion views of the hashtag on TikTok. This not only demonstrates the scope and scale of social media, but also how quickly news spreads. YouTube pledged $100 million to support black creators and artists, which proves the hugely positive impact social media can have.  Of course, this can work negatively;  in the past there have been hacked social media accounts, accidental leaks of private information, even Twitter’s CFO accidentally tweeting private information to the public, meant for a private message!

In the 2014 csuite podcast, Ben Smith, founder of, observed that the practical implication of using social media is the method of integration into a business.  However in 2020 businesses have pretty much got that down to a T. The main concerns are trying to keep the message consistent and brand-appropriate throughout all posts and platforms.  In the podcast, Andrew Grill, who at the time of recording was the Global Social Business Partner at IBM, questioned whether brands take social media seriously, and if they simply use it to ‘pump’ their content without any real value.  It might be necessary for businesses to consider appropriate training for members of staff responsible for social media posts to ensure each post has meaning and value.

Unlike teenagers and influencers, followers aren’t everything when it comes to social media with businesses.  Large followings don’t necessarily lead to more sales as they aren’t necessarily targeted. Reaching the right demographic would have a far greater impact and this could be achieved through specific hashtags, or even the use of cookies to gather information on user preferences.

In short, while Social Business reaches wider audiences and potential consumers with low costs and seamless content, in order for it to be effective it should be integrated within the business, with all employees involved and aware of its capabilities.  Owing to the transparent and immediate nature of social media, businesses are able to highlight their values and culture, while maintaining open relationships with consumers and stakeholders.


PRCA Digital Award Winners

We were thrilled to pick up another award with our clients, KPMG UK, for our work on the ‘The Business of Brexit’ #podcast that we helped produce and launch – now renamed ‘Perspectives on the New Reality’.

The podcast won ‘Best Use of Audio in a Campaign’ at PRCA’s #PRCADigital Awards

This has been a fantastic project to work on and after producing the first twenty episodes, we’ve now handed over the production to KPMG UK’s in house team, whilst we now work on a new project for them, creating social assets for their internal WFH Podcast series.

Partnering with the Women In Marketing Awards

We’re extremely proud to supporting the Women In Marketing Awards 2020

We’ll be producing an episode of the csuite podcast next year featuring some of the winners discussing their campaigns and what it means to win the award.

Launched in 2010, the WiM Awards were established to recognise the economic, social influence and impact of women to millions. They have given recognition to inspirational women and male equality advocates across the globe, from some of the biggest brands – Google, HP, Unilever, Burberry, SAP and Live Nation to name but a few.

WiM Awards 2020 marks the ten year anniversary of the awards and we are proud to supporting the event. We’ll be producing an dedicated episode in 2021 featuring some of the winners discussing their campaigns and what it means to win the award.

Podcasting for Healthcare Marketing

In this talk, Russell Goldsmith and Zuleika Burnett, Executive Director, Creative and Innovation at Havas Life Medicom, update the talk they gave at Cannes Lions in 2019 on the ‘Power of the Spoken Word and benefits of podcasting for healthcare marketing’, which they presented to the team at Havas Health & You in the US.

Power of the spoken word – Podcasting for Healthcare Marketing from Audere Communications on Vimeo.
The session features clips from two csuite podcast interviews:

  • Haiyan Zhang, who was Innovation Director, Microsoft Research at the time of the recording, talks about ‘Project Emma‘ and the wearable device initially created to help a specific person suffering from Parkinson’s, Emma Lawton, to compensate for the intentional tremors in her hands
  • Praful Akali, Founder & MD of Medulla, and Pooran Isarsingh, a terminally-ill patient from India at the time of recording, who sadly passed in 2019, discuss their campaign ‘Last Laugh’, which won a Cannes Lions award for the The Indian Association of Palliative Care.

They share updated stats on podcast listening, and crucially own research, carried out on our behalf by Yolo comms, where we look at how many UK listeners are listening to healthcare podcasts, the topics they listen to and why they listen.
They also talk about BBC’s ‘You me and the Big C’ and give their thoughts on why it’s built such a loyal community of listeners, plus share an interview with healthcare podcaster, Petra Velzeboer on why she thinks her listeners listen to her mental health podcast ‘Adversity to Advantage

2019 Highlights

It’s been a great year for Audere Communications and so I’d like to say a massive thank you to all our clients who have continued to put their faith in us to help them create engaging content, the wonderful attendees I’ve had the pleasure of training at our workshops and the amazing podcast guests that we’ve had the pleasure of working with and learning so much from.
Here are a few favourite highlights from the last 12 months
Brexit – the gift that kept on giving!
In January we helped launch KPMG UK’s Business of Brexit podcast series, which we thought would all be done and dusted by the summer.  However, with every extension that the UK was given to stay in the EU, we were invited back to KPMG’s Canary Wharf offices to continue to produce the series, and in December, we recorded Episode 16.

Business of Brexit guests

Business of Brexit Ep.1 – L-R: KPMG’s James Stewart, Yael Selfin, Tim Sarson; Mark Essex and Punam Birly

The show is hosted in the main by the company’s Vice Chair, James Stewart, alongside expert guests who join him either at their offices or remotely online from within the organisation and from across industry, plus we’ve included pre-recorded segments in a number of episodes.
KPMG UK have also asked to us produce their Ten Minutes of Tax series and a first internal comms podcast too.
The csuite podcast continues to grow
The csuite podcast provides a fantastic platform for those clients who have a story to tell and want to create a podcast, but don’t necessarily want to commit to producing a whole series of their own.  Partnering with the csuite podcast enables them share their content through their owned channels, and this worked successfully for new clients in 2019 such as British Business Bank and Cirkularis8 – as well as those who we regularly work including Ministry of Justice, FutureBrand and CFA UK.
We were also thrilled to be invited back to FleishmanHillard Fishburn recently to partner on an episode discussing their latest Authenticity Gap, out in January, plus we’ve partnered with Communicate Magazine and PR Week to produce episodes from events of theirs, launched a special series of episodes with Tyto, where we will be interviewing 10 Unicorn CEOs, the first of which went live in December with Darktrace’s Poppy Gustafsson, and of course, for the fourth year running, were based at ICCO’s House of PR to produce episodes from Cannes Lions where we recorded our first episode in front of a live audience, with Sir Martin Sorrell and Marian Goodell, CEO of Burning Man Project.

Sir Martin Sorrell and Marian Goodell

Chatting with Sir Martin Sorrell and Marian Goodell

Podcast Award Winners
In February, we won Gold at the Communicate Corporate Content awards for Best Use of Audio for our Arable Aware podcast series that we produced on farms around the UK for Adama Agricultural Solutions.  This was the second year that we’d worked with Adama on the project, and it was amazing to get this recognition for all the hard work that went into producing the magazine style show that had the aim of providing UK arable farmers and agronomists with the latest crop protection news and advice, thought-provoking content and seasonal messages.

We’re now hoping to hold on to our crown, as we’ve been shortlisted for the same award again for 2020, this time for our work with KPMG UK on the Business of Brexit – wish us luck!
Loads more workshops
Our workshops continue to be as popular as ever, and we really appreciate all the positive feedback we get from them.  We’ve run training sessions for our own clients including CFA UK and Forsters on topics of Podcasting and Producing Video for Social Media, as well as for members of the PRCA.

We’ve finished our year taking bookings from new clients including Brandcast Media and Aon to run training in early 2020.  If you’re considering doing the same, here’s a taster of some of the feedback we’ve received this year:

“Expect info-packed presentations from Russell which trigger ideas and energy.  He is as generous with sharing content and knowledge as he is modest about his achievements.”  – Jennie Wilde, Managing Director, Carver Wilde Communications
“If anyone is new to working cross border or doesn’t have any existing in-house experience and is having to translate and localise comms outputs I can highly recommend the Translation, Localisation and Transcreation workshop run by Russell Goldsmith. Fantastic webinar jam-packed with useful advice” – Lindsay Monaghan, EMEA Marketing Executive, Allflex Livestock Intelligence
“Russell is a really enthusiastic trainer with an immense amount of practical knowledge to share.” – Natalie Oates, Communications Manager, Anchor Hanover
“Russell and Pete from Audere Communications adopted an energetic approach to this project and really understood our business needs.  They created, planned and delivered a comprehensive training programme with a carefully balanced a combination of theory and practical skills expertly crammed into one day!” – Fiona Edwards, Head Marketing & Communications, CFA UK
“Russ’s podcasting workshop was really interactive and provided a practical grounding in how to create an engaging podcast. Russ has also been very helpful and supportive with any follow-up queries which I’ve found is unusual for a trainer.” – Hannah Pollak, Senior Account Manager, JBP
“Russell’s webinar was packed with real-life examples and killer stats that help demonstrate the power of video. I would thoroughly recommend to all PR professionals.” – Ali Gibson, Account Manager & Video content specialist, 8020 communications

Podcasting on Ice
We were thrilled to have won the pitch to produce Direct Line’s ‘Living Your Best Life with Saira Khan’ podcast series alongside Frank PR.  What we loved about this project was that the client went with our idea of recording on location at an ice rink – tying in nicely with Direct Line’s new ad campaign, and of course, with the fact that Saira was one of the stars of Dancing on Ice.

Saira Khan and Stuart Holliday promoting their podcast in a series of radio interviews

We supported the campaign by carrying out a consumer survey with our research partners at Yolo Communications, and then promoted the podcast through a series of BBC and Commercial Radio interviews that we set up for Saira and life coach Stuart Holliday.
Filming at Cannes Lions
As well as recording the csuite podcast at Cannes Lions, we also had a film crew there producing videos for ICCO PR showing highlights of the talks and events taking place from their House of PR.

Getting on a Spotify playlist with John Legend
A personal Cannes Lions highlight had to be giving a talk on the Lions Health stage with Zuleika Burnett, Creative Director of Havas Life Medicom, on the Power of the Spoken word and benefit of podcasting to Healthcare.
The session went down so well, that it was shortlisted by Spotify as one of the top 10 talks from the week, out of over 300 talks given, and they included it on a playlist alongside the likes of John Legend!  Listen here.

Presenting at Cannes

Presenting at Cannes Lions

New client claxon
It’s always exciting to win new clients, and as well as some of those mentioned already, we’re now four episodes in to producing Oxera’s Agenda Podcast – Beyond the Bottom Line, which recently took us to Paris to record their latest episode.
After interviewing their Commercial Director about Mental Health and wellbeing on the csuite podcast episode that we recorded at Mad World, we were invited to start work for Bupa Global, recording audio content at their end of year Broker Event, that they are sharing across their LinkedIn feed.

We also launched a new podcast for CFA UK to support their ESG course, working closely with Vested, plus Frank PR brought us back in to create a podcast series to help launch Hey Car in the UK, where we recorded a series of episodes hosted by Vernon Kay with guests, Harry Judd, Jasmine Birtles and Ian Haste.

And those were just the highlights!
All in all a pretty enjoyable year!
On to 2020…

CIPR adds new csuite podcast episodes to its CPD programme for 2019

We are thrilled to confirm that for the third year running, the Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR) has added more csuite podcast episodes to it Continuing Professional Development programme (CPD).
The CIPR states that CPD puts its members in the driving seat of their own career, gaining the knowledge and skills they need to progress.
Over 2000 of the CIPR’s members take part in CPD, which is the only route for them to become a Chartered PR Practitioner.
Eleven episodes of our csuite podcast series, that we produced over the last twelve months, have been added to the programme, meaning that those CIPR members taking part in CPD will receive 5 CPD points for listening to each podcast if they log it at their My CPD.
The episodes added to the programme are:

The Internet of Things
Produced in partnership with the European PR agency Tyto, in this episode, we discuss their Hype Report on the Internet of Things, hearing from a number of experts who contributed to it. Featuring:
Practical Futurist, Andrew GrillAbraham Joseph, Founder of IOT insightsStephanie Atkinson, CEO of Compass IntelligenceDan Yarmoluk, Director of Business Development for IoT and Data Science at ATEK Access TechnologiesRich Rogers, Senior Vice President for IoT Product & Engineering at Hitachi Vantara (at the time of recording); Tyto’s Managing Partner Brendon Craigie

Mental Health & Wellbeing in the Workplace – Mad World Forum
Recorded at Mad World, and produced in partnership with Nuffield Health, our guests were:
Sir Ian Cheshire, Chair of Barclays UK and Campaign Chair of Heads Together; Professor Dame Carol Black, Principle of Newnham College, Cambridge and Expert Advisor on health and work to the Department of Health and Public Health England; Brendan Street, Nuffield Health’s Professional Head of Emotional Wellbeing; Dr. Shaun Davis, Global Director of Safety, Health, Wellbeing & Sustainability, Royal Mail Group; Jessica Hayes, Head of Talent, McCann Worldgroup; Jack Parsons, CEO, Big Youth Group; Becky Thoseby, Group Head of Wellbeing, Department for Transport; Ian Howarth, HR Specialist in Wellbeing at Fujitsu; Dr Judith Grant, Director of Health & Wellbeing, Mace

World Travel Market
Recorded at the World Travel Market, 2018, we partnered up with some of the exhibitors and delegates to get a flavour of what was being discussed at the event. Our guests were:
Mark McVay, Chairman, UKinbound; Dr. Kevin Ashbridge, VP for Global Travel & Leisure Solutions, SDL; Hon. Edmund Bartlett, Minister of Tourism, Jamaica Tourist Board; Richard Fraiman, Chief Executive, Good Hotel Guide; José Luis Egas Ramirez, Undersecretary of Markets, Investments and International Relations, Ministry of Tourism of Ecuador

Behavioural Finance
Recorded in partnership with CFA UK from their conference in London on the topic of ‘Behavioural Finance in the age of algorithms’, we interviewed the five speakers from the event. Our guests were:
1. Markus Schuller, Founder and Managing Partner of Panthera Solutions
2. Philippa Clough, Portfolio Manager at JP Morgan Asset Management International Equity Group
3. Kristina Vasileva, Senior Lecturer in Finance at Westminster Business School
4. Shweta Agarwal, a member of BlackRock’s Risk & Quantitative Analysis Group
5. Magda Osman, a Reader in Experimental Cognitive Psychology at Queen Mary University of London

Social Mobility
Produced in partnership with the UK’s Ministry of Justice, to coincide with Social Mobility Live, our guests were:
Shaun McNally CBE, Chief Executive, Legal Aid Agency and Social Mobility Champion at the Ministry of Justice;
Jenny Baskerville, Co-Head of Inclusion, Diversity and Social Equality, KPMG; Nicholas Cheffings, Partner and Past Chair, Hogan Lovells and Chair of PRIME

How Connected Brands Drive Growth
The latest FutureBrand Index highlighted how the most future proofed companies consistently align the totality of the experiences they create with their wider corporate purpose and that was the focus of this episode, which was produced in partnership with FutureBrandand featured:
Kerry O’Callaghan, VP for Global Brand at GSK; Jeremy Waite, Chief Strategy Officer at IBM; Jon Tipple, FutureBrand’s Worldwide Chief Strategy Officer

VC and Female Founders Report
Produced in partnership with British Business BankDiversity VC and British Private Equity and Venture Capital Association (BVCA) to coincide with the release of a new report from all three organisations, commissioned by HM Treasury, which highlights the fact that female start-up founders are missing out on billions of pounds of investment.  Our guests were:
Alice Hu Wagner, Managing Director for Strategy and Economics, British Business Bank; Francesca Warner, CEO and Co-Founder of Diversity VC; David Mott, Chair of the BVCA’s Venture Capital Committee and Founder Partner, Oxford Capital

How To Create Award-Winning Corporate Content
Produced in partnership with CFA Society of the UK and recorded at their Professionalism Conference, this episode features some great interviews, including:
Produced in partnership with Communicate Magazine, where we spoke to two of the winners of their Corporate Content Awards.  Our guests were:
Brittany Golob, Communicate’s Publishing Editor; Dagmar Mackett, Director of Film, Video and Motion, DRPG;
David Boardman, Director of Communications and Engagement, MyCSP

Fintech Interactive Forum
Recorded in partnership with CFA UK from their Fintech Interactive Forum, ‘Asset management: Rise of the machines’, our guests included:
Mikey Shulman, Head of Machine Learning, Kensho; Vinay Jayaram, CEO and co-founder of Envizage; Julie Chakraverty, CEO and founder of Rungway; Yasin Rosowsky, Head of AI Research at Arabesque; Clare Flynn Levy, Founder and CEO, Essentia Analytics; Tim Grant CEO, DrumG Technologies; Geoff Kates, CEO, HTF Group

How Businesses Are Innovating For Long-Term Success
Produced in partnership with FutureBrand to coincided with the launch of TerraCycle’s groundbreaking LOOP initiative in North America our guests were:
Jon Tipple, FutureBrand’s Worldwide Chief Strategy Officer and Laure Cucuron, General Manager of TerraCycle

FutureBrand Country Index
Produced in partnership with FutureBrand to discuss the launch of their latest FutureBrand Country Index.
Ben Bland hosted the show and was joined by Jon Tipple, Global Chief Strategy Officer, FutureBrand; Rowan Williams, Creative Lead, Panasonic Design London, with contribution from Conrad Bird, Director of the Great Britain campaign at the Department of International Trade

All previous shows of the csuite podcast series are available at as all podcast apps – search ‘the csuite podcast’.
There is also a growing community on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter, where you can get involved in the discussion.
Finally, if you subscribe to the show, please do give it a positive rating and review on iTunes in particular as this helps it up the charts!

The Power of The Spoken Word

I’ve taken the csuite podcast to Cannes Lions since 2016 and in that time have had the pleasure of chatting to 49 of the most inspiring speakers, judges and award winners who were at the event.  My guests have come to the festival from as far and wide as South America and India to Canada and Australia and have included agency leaders, brand owners, a social roboticist, a music producer, a spoken word artist and a body architect, with their ages ranging from Young Lions Award winners to an 86-year-old terminally-ill patient.

But what’s been consistent in all those interviews is that every single guest has had a fascinating story to tell … in their own words.
And therein lies the power of podcasting.
With no cameras filming the guests, coupled with the fact that we’re not broadcasting live, and perhaps thanks to the odd glass of rosé too, each interviewee immediately relaxes, resulting in an informal chat that allows them to be themselves, delivering authentic and engaging stories, whilst educating and hopefully entertaining the listeners at the same time.

Chatting with Zuleika Burnett (left) and Lucy McRae

Global podcast listenership has exploded since my first trip to Cannes.  Podcasts are easy to access and subscribe to on a mobile device and there are topic areas for everyone.  People listen in the car, in the gym, on the commute, out walking or running, as well as at home or at their desks of course.  And with radio stations now podcasting their programming, or creating exclusive content as a podcast, plus popular celebrities hosting their own shows too, podcasting is forming an increasing part of our daily media diet.
This has opened up a huge potential for brands to be using podcasts as a credible medium and so this year I’ll be presenting at Cannes myself alongside Zuleika Burnett, Executive Director, Creative and Innovation, Havas Life Medicom.  We’ll be looking at how the most difficult narratives can be harnessed to deliver healthcare stories as podcasts and how brands can rise above the noise of the other 500,000+ active podcasts to reach their audiences.
Russell Goldsmith & Zuleika Burnett are presenting on the Healthcare Insights Stage, Palais II on Monday 17th June, 12:45-13:15

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