The current pandemic has brought our relationship with the environment into stark relief. As we enter a post-Covid world, there are urgent and far-reaching decisions to be taken and none bigger than our approach to tackling Climate Change.

The UK will host the 26th UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26) in Glasgow on 1 – 12 November 2021.   The summit will bring parties together to hasten action towards the goals of the Paris Agreement and the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change.

Organisations are getting involved by exhibiting, performing or hosting an event within the two-week programme, to highlight their own initiatives and thoughts on this critical issue.  This generation-defining conference will be watched all over the world, creating an opportunity for brands to showcase their ESG credentials. 

However, the challenge will be getting your messages heard in such a crowded environment in the lead up to and during COP26.

So how can we help?

Audere Communications is an audio and video content marketing agency providing end-to-end strategy and implementation.  Clients have partnered with our award-winning csuite podcast to discuss sustainability trends and issues and episodes have featured senior execs from brands including SAP, Coca-Cola, Arrival and Pentland Brands.

Our recent podcast, ‘How Digital Acceleration is Helping to Drive Sustainable Fashion and Beauty‘ with SAP, focused on the role digitisation is playing in creating a more sustainable world. Guests included Joanna Jenson, Founder and Chair of baby and child skin care brand, Child’s Farm and Anne-Christine Polet, SVP Digital Ventures HATCH and STITCH, at PVH Europe, two start-ups that have the aim of digitised the value chain.

We also found that a high degree of digital maturity is necessary for a business to thrive in a more sustainable world when discussing Circklo’s Sustainability Index. Our guest was Natasha Franck, founder of Eon, a connected products platform with a mission to power the future of commerce, essentially by identifying and tracking each and every product from the moment it’s produced, so as to enable circular business models across industry and to create a true circular economy.

We’ve also examined how data is central to increase sustainability within organisations.  Julian Hunt, Vice President for Public Affairs, Communications and Sustainability at Coca-Cola declared in our ‘Sustainable Business’ episode with SAP that data is at the heart of everything Coca-Cola does, especially in the context of sustainability.  In the same podcast, Mike Barry, former Director of Sustainable Business at M&S, also acknowledged that data brings transparency to an organisation and can help inform consumers and then Natasha Pergl, SAP UK’s Sustainability Business Innovation Lead, shared her experience of taking part in eXXpedition, a series of 30 voyages which will see 300 women in total sail around the world looking at the plastic and toxics in our ocean.

In addition to brands partnering with our csuite podcast, in the last 12 months, Audere also been producing Octopus Energy’s own ‘Inside Octopus’ podcast series, giving listeners real insight into the company’s DNA – the way they work, the way they think, their values, and their people, exploring everything that is driving them to deliver Cheaper Greener Energy.

We can put you in front of the people you want to engage with.  

Partnering with our csuite podcast or producing your own podcast series in the lead up to and/or at COP26 is a great way to not only create thought-provoking content, reach your target audience and facilitate the important conversations of the day, but to also allow you to hand-pick key business leaders to sit on panel discussions with your brand spokesperson. It’s a warm way to start what could be a long and lasting relationship.

Podcasts are accessible, can cut through and reach people in very personal spaces and are becoming an increasingly popular medium by which to influence and inspire others.

COP26 could be the ideal platform on which to set out your position on sustainability and get it noticed. 

To get involved in this unique opportunity, take ownership of a specific topic area, and create great podcast content, please do get in touch – we dare you.