Here at Audere Communications, we like receiving feedback from our clients, to find out how podcasting is working out for them and most importantly, if they’re enjoying it!

Russell Goldsmith recorded an interview with one of our clients, REFINITIV, part of London Stock Exchange Group (LSEG), and had a great chat with Joel Leeman, Senior Manager and Executive Producer, Content Development at the LSEG.

We took over production of the Refinitiv Sustainability Perspectives in November 2021, and have since recorded seven episodes at the time of writing this post, with more in the pipeline.

We were invited to produce season 6 of their already established podcast (launched in 2019), and they’ve had some impressive guests on the show so far, including Jonathan Oppenheimer, Sir Ronal Cohen, Gizelle George-Joseph, Lord Mayor of the City of London -Vincent Keavney and more!

Joel said that producing the podcast is very much about building different relationships with people in their ecosystem, whether that be important customers or influencers in the space. He can point to other examples of how they can measure metrics other than just with their numbers of plays, that includes an increase in brand awareness and gaining a reputable presence.

He said consistency, rhythm, and quality are key. They’ve created a governance model, in which they’ve set a benchmark for quality, production and marketing that needs to be in place to get them to where they need to be.

Joel said that producing their podcast has not only met but surpassed his expectations and continues to be a quality machine that people recognise both internally and externally. He added that the team behind it, both Audere as well as Refinitiv & LSEG’s internal teams have done an amazing job.

Thank you, Joel for giving up your time to record this video interview, it was a pleasure as always!