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Producing video for social media

This session explores how video can help engage audiences on your social media channels

Whether your channels are owned, earned, or paid for, our workshop will demonstrate how to produce video for social media to form a strategic part of your longer-term communications plan.

From creating micro-content to recording content at live events, we will explore how video can:

  • amplify your message and improve reach through targeted coverage
  • generate buzz
  • increase your ROI

At CFA UK we are keen to empower our in-house staff to produce video and podcast content to support our membership engagement strategies and bring to life our members’ voices.

Russell and Pete from Audere adopted an energetic approach to this project and really understood our business needs. They created, planned and delivered a comprehensive training programme with a carefully balanced a combination of theory and practical skills expertly crammed into one day!

The team really enjoyed the session – and I am delighted that they have already started to implement their new-found skills and knowledge.

Fiona Edwards
Head Marketing & Communications, CFA UK

Expect info-packed presentations from Russell which trigger ideas and energy.  He is as generous with sharing content and knowledge as he is modest about his achievements. Take that as meaning an expert whose work and ideas jump off the page.

Jennie Wilde
Managing Director, Carver Wilde Communications

I found this a really informative session about the value of using video content to build your brand. Russ effectively brought to life a lot of factual information with the use of relevant case studies and real video clips for us to watch. He has a relaxed presentation style which is easy to engage with and would work with all levels of audience. Would highly recommend.

Kate Mulcahy
Director, Change Unlimited

As a former TV journalist I’ve always been passionate about the power of video, but having moved across to PR it’s been fascinating to understand how versatile this platform can be.

Russell’s webinar was packed with real-life examples and killer stats that help demonstrate the power of video. The whole lesson was engaging, informative and well-paced. I would thoroughly recommend to all PR professionals.

Ali Gibson
Account Manager & Video content specialist, 8020 communications

Some workshops are big on theory. Others excel at providing insight. Few manage to combine the rigor of theory and personal insight with practical application via up-to-date case studies.

Russell succeeded in cramming bucket loads of all three into this whistle-stop tour of using video in social media. We all know that both video and influencer marketing is not the next big thing but the now big thing. Russell’s thoughtful, detailed and well-referenced workshop gave practical advice on how to do these things better.

Scott Guthrie
Digital Management Consultant,

We cover different forms of short form content, including how-to guides, news and feature videos, issues-based stories, video podcasts, as well as looking at video used for internal communications and corporate events.

Throughout the session, we cover all stages of the production process, from Pre-Production, briefing and developing your storyboard, listing kit that is required, through the filming with tips on lighting, camera angles and shots that can grab attention, and then finishing with the post-production process.

Including latest research figures, the importance of using native video players in social channels, audience attention spans and viewing habits, this workshop will help communications professionals build a solid video strategy for their next campaign.

With enough notice, we can tailor this session to suit your industry and clients with relevant case studies and the very latest research figures.

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