Sustainability podcasting

We produce high-quality audio and video podcasts on the topic of sustainability for our clients

Increased interest from investors, customers, employees, local communities, as well as policy makers and legislators, means that the world of sustainability communications is not only more complex today, but louder too. Any organisation’s sustainability content must today sit alongside a growing volume of activity from their competitors and peers, making it harder to know not only how to appropriately shape a sustainability message, but how to deliver it for maximum effect too.

Communicating sustainability commitments or responsible business activities has never been more important, or more challenging.

One of the best solutions to these challenges, is podcasting.

Due to its audio/visual nature, podcasting can tell sustainability stories in an informative and inspirational way, enabling discussions between carefully selected experts and industry leaders, on the issues your stakeholders care about.

Importantly, podcasting also enables complex issues to be presented in a controlled, deeper and more personable way than almost any other format.

Listeners find content in a podcast format more meaningful than other formats, staying engaged for longer and retaining more of the details. According to Acast, the listening environment has great influence. For example, 73% of podcast listening hours are consumed on smart phones, largely with headphones, meaning that an ‘auditory bubble’ is created, leading to the listener considering the podcast a trusted companion.

Another key to the podcast’s success is its flexibility of usage. Podcasts are easily posted on websites, intranets, newsletters and social media channels as well as the places you’d typically expect to find them like Spotify, YouTube and Apple Podcasts.

By partnering with our award-wining c-suite podcast, organisation’s take advantage of an existing and well respected podcast channel, already available on all podcast apps and promoted across social media.

The show has over 200 episodes to date featuring more than 700 senior executives discussing a range of the latest trends, issues, and best practice case studies.


Setting up your podcast for success:
  • Create a strategy for your sustainability podcast including content ideas and purpose
  • Help source and prepare guests to contribute with confidence
Production – recording your content:
  • Audio and video set up to capture your content in a studio, at your offices, or on location at conferences and events
  • Virtual recording set up for global or remote speakers
Post-production – getting your content ready to share
Full post-production of your podcast episodes:
  • Transcripts and show notes for each episode to enable the accessibility of your content
  • Support to publish your podcast on relevant channels
  • Audio or video highlight clips to showcase each episode
Advice on promotion and measurement for your podcast

Audere produces high-quality audio and video podcasts on the topic of sustainability for clients including London Stock Exchange, Octopus Energy, and the U.S Sustainability Alliance. We’ve also covered the topic regularly on our c-suite podcast in partnership with organisations such as SAP and British Business Bank.

We also have specialist knowledge of sustainability communications within the team and so can tailor our support for you from beginning to end.

“Without Russ and his team, our podcast wouldn’t be what it is today. They’ve been with us from day 1, helping us kickstart our own podcast and build a unique brand around it. In-depth expertise, thoughtful advice and an absolute joy to work with!”

Dominic Bellamy
Senior PR Manager at Octopus Energy Group

To talk to us about your podcast, contact Russell Goldsmith or Rachel Gatley at Audere using or via our contact form.