Audere Communications is committed to reducing our environmental impact and continually improving our environmental performance.

Founder’s Statement – Russell Goldsmith – 23rd February 2021

The Covid-19 lockdown gave me time to reflect on what kind of business I wanted us to be.  We were extremely fortunate that we could very easily adapt our working practices to produce content for our clients remotely and so, despite the economic climate, we still managed to have an exceptional 2020, working with some fantastic clients, a number of whom tasked us with promoting their sustainability messaging through engaging storytelling using podcasts discussing latest trends and issues.

During 2020, our own csuite podcast featured episodes in partnership with SAP, such as ‘How Digital Acceleration is Helping to Drive Sustainable Fashion and Beauty‘, which focused on the role digitisation is playing in creating a more sustainable world. We examined how data is central to increase sustainability within organisations with the Vice President for Public Affairs, Communications and Sustainability at Coca-Cola and the former Director of Sustainable Business at M&S.  Finally, SAP UK’s Sustainability Business Innovation Lead shared her experience of taking part in eXXpedition, a series of 30 voyages which will see 300 women in total sail around the world looking at the plastic and toxics in our ocean.

We also found that a high degree of digital maturity is necessary for a business to thrive in a more sustainable world when discussing Circklo’s Sustainability Index.

In addition to brands partnering with our csuite podcast, in the last 12 months, one of my favourite projects has been to produce and host Octopus Energy’s own ‘Inside Octopus’ podcast series, giving listeners real insight into the company’s DNA – the way they work, the way they think, their values, and their people, exploring everything that is driving them to deliver Cheaper Greener Energy.

Working on these projects has given me a real drive to ensure we do everything we can at Audere Communications to help create a more sustainable world.  We’re not close to being perfect, but we are hoping to learn as quickly as possible and we welcome any feedback and suggestions on what we can do to continually improve.


All employees have a responsibility to ensure that the aims and objectives of this policy are met.


We aim to comply with all relevant regulatory requirements and continually improve and monitor our environmental performance whilst reducing our environmental impact.

How we go about improving our environmental impact

  • Ensure all employees are aware of this environmental policy.
  • Produce as much of our client content (audio and video) remotely where possible.
  • Aim to have as many client meetings as possible remotely, reducing the need for travel.
  • Minimise use of paper and reuse and recycle paper where possible.
  • Buy recycled and recyclable paper products.
  • Reduce packaging and recycle any packaging where possible.
  • Reduce the amount of energy used, switching off lights and electrical equipment when not in use, adjusting heating with energy consumption in mind.
  • Be conscious of whether any purchases are necessary or can be supplied in another way, such as sharing or reusing.  If we need to purchase new, we will evaluate the environmental impact of any purchase, whilst recycling any redundant equipment.
  • Monitor our progress and review our environmental performance and this policy on a regular basis.
  • Share this policy with any suppliers and contractors and ensure they have the same commitment.


This policy was last updated in February 2021.